How Do I Get Pregnant

35weeksMany couples have difficulty conceiving. They ask themselves, “How do I get pregnant?” – try several times without success, & eventually reach a moment where they give up. Although there is no guaranteed way to get pregnant within a certain time, a couple may take measures to facilitate the process. Underneath, please find some guidelines for answering that desperate question, “How do I get pregnant?”

Having sex
Although having sex to get pregnant seems apparent, many couples don’t have enough sex. Though it may be tempting to restrict having sex to a moment when you know you may conceive, calendar driven sex can make it seem like a task & stress the couple. Because stress can cut down fertility, it all should be as stress free as possible.

Using an ovulation test

Make sure you’re ovulating: a woman must be ovulating to get pregnant. You should test yourself to make sure you ovulate. You can get yourself an ovulation predictor to predict the two days when you’re most likely to become pregnant. Ovulation kits quickly & accurately detect the increasing level of luteinizing hormone (LH, also known as lutropin) in urine, which usually occurs 24-36 hours ahead of ovulation. You’re most likely to conceive if you have intercourse within these twentyfour to thirtysix hours after you detect the increase.

Live healthy and regularly visit your doctor
Women who take drugs, smoke or drink too much, have trouble getting pregnant. Likewise, women who are underweight or who are obese. Eat healthy, do exercises and visit your doctor to make certain that you’re in the best shape. If your doctor decides that everything is good, but you still can not get pregnant, your doctor can prescribe a fertility remedy.

In need for a quick solution?
You may want to check out Pregnancy Miracle from Lisa Olson, a certified nutritionist and former infertility sufferer. In her e-book, Lisa teaches you her step by step pregnancy success system: jam-packed with valuable information on how to naturally get pregnant without drugs, surgery or any kind of gimmicks. I highly recommend it – it’s very honest and straightforward without all the hype and b.s. you see all over the net these days. (*)

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